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The author tells the largely unknown story of contaminated air on aircraft. As a consultant on the issue, he is well qualified to tell the story many call the ‘Asbestos of the Aviation Industry’.

Toxic Airlines gives a gripping insight into an issue everyone who flies needs to know.

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This is a story based on truth

‘Like asbestos, smoking and lead poisoning in the past, Toxic Airlines shows for the first time how, yet again, industry and government vested interests fail to protect the public.
Toxic Airlines unravels the aerospace industry's extraordinary trail of cover up and denial.’
Dalbert Hallenstein - Investigative Journalist

‘Passengers are not told that the air they breathe onboard an aircraft comes unfiltered from the engines and can become contaminated with many hazardous chemicals. They get sick like I did but have no idea why, as the airlines don't tell them, Toxic Airlines does.’
Melissa Dray - Former Flight Attendant

‘Toxic Airlines blows the lid on a 40 year secret. Passenger health and flight safety risked for corporate profit.’
J. Parker - Passenger

‘This is a cover up the airline industry knew all about but failed to either divulge or resolve the problem. Toxic Airlines is as real as it gets, I have seen it with my own eyes.’
Captain Colin Barnet-Higgins

In 1977 a 34 year-old navigator on a US transport aircraft was incapacitated and a peer reviewed paper was published in the journal, Clinical Toxicology.

The paper stated:
’Disturbance in the mental and neuromuscular function of aircraft flight personnel by any influence is of obvious concern and significance. This report documents the incapacitation of an aircraft navigator during flight. This situation resulted from an inhalation exposure to aerosolized or vaporized synthetic lubricating oil.’

And most importantly that:
’Further investigation into the potential hazards from inhalation of synthetic oil fumes that are generated by these circumstances is definitely warranted.’

The call for proper investigations into the potential hazards of inhaling synthetic oil fumes was never addressed, just covered up with misinformation.

Thirty years later, commercial aircraft continue to fly with no contaminated air detection systems or filtration systems to prevent passengers and crews from breathing hazardous and neurotoxic chemicals.

The author

Born in West Sussex and educated in England, France and Northern Ireland, Tristan Loraine flew solo for the first time at the age of 17 at Belfast International Airport.
He is a graduate of the Sierra Academy of Aeronautics in California and a former Boeing 757 / 767 Captain with over 10,000 hours flying time.
He currently Co-Chairs the Global Cabin Air Quality Executive (GCAQE) which is the leading organization globally representing air crew with regard to cabin air quality, specifically contaminated air issues and representing over 400,000 aviation workers globally in 3 continents.
He was retired on ill health grounds in 2006 following repeated exposure to contaminated air during his career as a commercial airline pilot. Prior to this he was very fit and had completed several extreme, endurance sporting events one of which was the Ironman Triathalon in August 2005.
He recently produced / directed the investigative documentary entitled ‘Welcome Aboard Toxic Airlines'.

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